Optimizing your Immerss Profile

As a big fan of online shopping, I’m no stranger to the good the bad and the ugly sides of E-Commerce. What shocks me the most is how poorly some businesses choose to represent themselves online. Whether there’s a lack of information or no information at all, it’s hard to expect any customer to feel comfortable making a purchase when they don’t confidence in the seller.

The key to solving this issue is to set a great first impression when users land on your Immerss profile page.

But what makes a great Profile page that will draw both attention and new customers? Follow along as I take you through 4 simple steps for making your Immerss profile really stand out among the crowd.

1. Show Off The Real You

Making your Immerss profile stand out

People love to see faces! Unless you’re a company looking to brand your page, it’s best to use a clear & current image of yourself for your Profile Picture. Not only will this make your profile look more professional, but it will also let buyers know they are working with a real person.

2. Display Your Skills

Writing a good profile description

Let people know what it is you do in the “About Me” section of your profile. This is your chance to highlight your talents, experiences and most importantly why you are their best choice! If you aren’t sure where to begin, start by listing basic information such as Education or Experience in the Topic you will be presenting on Immerss.

3. Show Off Your Social Prowess

Over the past few years, popluar Social Media channels like Facebook & Twitter have transformed into extremely valuable tools for connecting & communicating with customers online. Aside from the obvious benefits to your Brand/Personal Brand, being active on social media will help you establish trust with new clients while helping to retain current clients.

Linking your profile to your Social Media Channels as well as your personal Website (If you own one) is a great way to provide people with addional resources about you.

4. Think Like A Customer

When it comes to making your Profile stand out, viewing it from a cusomters perspective can work wonders. By doing so, you tend to get a better idea of what information & details YOU like to see when making a purchase online.

Ask yourself some simple questions

Can people tell what it is I do?

Are there enough details about me to establish trust with customers?

Does my Profile look Professional?

Use these questions to help you create a profile that provides exactly what customers are looking for.

Think of your profile page as a first introduction to new clients. Not only is it an opportunity to introduce yourself to customers, but also a chance to make a lasting impression and really wow your audience. A Great profile is the cornerstone to building your business on Immerss.

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