How to become an online tutor

How To Become An Online Tutor – 6 Simple Steps to Success

Over the past few years, Online Tutoring has become one of the fastest growing E-industries in the U.S. With an estimated growth rate of 5.2% annually according to a report by IBIS, and an overall revenue of $132 Million, it’s easy to see why so many people have become fascinated with the idea of earning extra income by tutoring online. The real question most people have is… where do I start? To keep it as simple and straightforward as possible, let’s break it down into 6 easy steps that will explain exactly what you will need to get started as an online tutor.


1.)  Decide on Your Subject Matter –

Selecting the right subject matter is the first step you’ll take when starting your journey to become an online tutor. When deciding which subject you will teach, ensure that you select topics that you feel both confident and comfortable teaching. Your success as an online tutor depends highly on positive feedback from your students, so ensuring a positive experience is always an important factor.

2.) Who is your target client?

Deciding exactly who your target clientele is can alter your decision as to which platform/technology best suits your needs. If you are planning on specializing in something like Programming, it probably won’t make sense to join a Tutoring site that really only offers Core subjects such as Math and Science, as students there are unlikely to be searching for Programming tutorials.

3.)  Research & Compare Technology for Tutoring Online –

Before online tutoring was even an option, the thought of teaching someone without actually being there would have seemed pretty far fetched. Thanks to the fast growing online tutoring industry, there are more options for tutoring online than you could imagine. The key however, is to find the tool(s) that are going to be most beneficial to you.

Check out this question to see what others feel are the beset platforms for online tutoring –

4.)  Decide what Your Hourly Rate will be –

Setting an affordable hourly rate is one of the easiest ways to attract new clients. When starting out, it’s best to stick with cheaper pricing as you haven’t built up a positive reputation as an online tutor. Once you feel you have established yourself as a trusted tutor, you can begin to charge premium prices as you start to see your client base increase. The reason this approach seems to works so well, is that people are more inclined to try something new if they feel they are getting a good deal. By undercutting the price of other tutors, you will open the door to new clients and a faster rate of growth.

5.) Equipment You’ll need when starting out –

If you aren’t familiar with online video platforms or desktop applications like Skype, it’s important to 1. Know what equipment you will need, and 2. Know how to properly use/setup the necessary equipment. Don’t let that this part scare you though, most platforms will only require that you have a working Webcam. Since most laptops and Desktop computers have this as a standard feature, you really shouldn’t run into any issues.

6.) Learn How To Market Yourself & Your Services Online –

While this step isn’t vital to becoming an online tutor, learning to market yourself online can be extremely beneficial to your long term success. To get started teaching yourself the basics of online marketing, check out some of the resources listed below:

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