Teach Yoga Online With Immerss.

Earn money by teaching Yoga online on Immerss.


The only thing we can’t get more of is time, so why not save time and earn money doing something you love? With Immerss, you can expand your yoga practice to a worldwide audience and earn money doing it. Give your followers a new option to follow along with your live channel from the comfort of their home?

Whether it’s a beginner or expert yogi, everyone can tune into your channel to improve their body & mind, while you earn some extra cash and feel good while doing good.


teach yoga online
Teach Yoga Online

World Wide Audience

Immerss allows you to reach a worldwide audience when you stream your sessions. Late night yogi? Early bird? Our extensive platform allows you to connect with people all over the world and share your passion.
Flexibility to set your own schedule and hours.
We will never tell you when to run your sessions, we know you’re busy too.

Once your profile is approved, you can schedule all the sessions under that channel in advance. This allows your viewers to plan their practice times along with you.

Ability to earn more income
We will never charge you to conduct your sessions on Immerss. You have total control of your fees. You set the price for your session, and you earn 70-85% of your session price. You can also earn additional money through our referral program. You can earn a very attractive ongoing referral commission for other Presenters and Audience that you bring to Immerss.

Immerss only makes money when you make money.
There are no upfront costs to starting a channel, and no membership fees for heavy users. All we ask is a small cut of your session price to help us keep on connecting the world.

There are never any advertisements shown during your sessions, so your viewers can see your practice with no interruptions.
Grow your brand via live broadcasting and interactive video
Each session can be conducted interactively (where you can see and talk to your students) and as a live stream (where they can see and hear you but you don’t see them).

Both of these are live, but one offers you interactivity with up to 20 students, and other goes to an unlimited number of students which, as an example is a great option for meditation broadcasts.
We want to make the world a happier, healthier place and reward the people that help.

Join Immerss today to launch your Yoga channel, and start earning from home!