What Is Immerss and How Does It Work?

What is Immerss & How Does it work?


Immerss® is the go-to Video Platform for creating, promoting & monetizing Live Video content. The platform combines rich features such as Live Interactive Video, Live Streaming & Recorded content to create the ultimate tool set for Broadcasting and Monetizing of Live Video content. Whether you’re an individual looking to start an online business or a company looking to scale your operations, Immerss can help you grow with it’s easy to use Video Production, Promotion & Monetizing features.

Video Production:

Producing outstanding Live video content doesn’t have to be so hard. On Immerss the only requirements to hold live interactive sessions is a simple webcam & built in Microphone (Standard on most laptops & PC’s). Presenters on Immerss have full control over what material to present , when and how often, the video delivery method(s), recording options and the privacy settings.

After becoming a Presenter on  Immerss, you will find that there are 3 main delivery methods available when creating a session. Let’s take a look at each of these below along with their purpose and functionality.

    1. Immerssive

      (Live Group Video Up to 25 People) -The Immerssive option allows you to create Live session(s) with up to 25 Interactive participants. This option is the preferred choice when looking to directly interact with your viewers.


      • Live Sessions with up to 25 Active participants
      • Set minimum Participants (Cancel session automatically if Minimum # of viewers not met.
      • Group Mode – All participants can Interact
      • Lecture Mode – Participants can only see Presenter until selected to speak by “Raising Hand” in the Video Interface.
      • Live Chat – Option to open or close the Chat screen to viewers
      • Screen Sharing
      • File Sharing
      • Manage your Live Viewers (Option to boot user if necessary)

livestreaming platform

       2.       Livestream –

The Livestream option allows you to stream your Live Session to an unlimited audience. This delivery method can be combined with Immerssive or can be set as the only viewing option if you don’t require Interactive Participants.


      • Livestream to an unlimited audience
      • Group Chat available to Livestream participants

Livestream on Immerss

       3.      Video On Demand –

With the Video On-Demand option, you will be able to record your Live session (Immerssive and/or Livestream) to make it available in your Video On-Demand library.


      • Record sessions to add to your On-Demand video library.
      • Grant automatic Video On-Demand access to viewers who purchased the Live session.
      • Re sell your content through Video On-Demand
      • New features coming soon!

Video On Demand and live streaming

The Immerss Marketplace:

While you may have your own clientele, which is perfectly fine :) one of the stand out features on Immerss is the ability to list your Public Profile & Upcoming sessions in the Immerss Marketplace.

So what exactly is the Immerss marketplace?

The Immerss marketplace is a growing community of companies, professionals, artists, musicians, athletes and hobbyists alike, joined by passion and drive. By adding your offerings to the Immerss Marketplace, viewers on Immerss will be able to both search for and sign up for your Sessions.

Read: How To Make Your Presenter Profile Stand Out on The Immerss Marketplace.


One of the toughest parts of starting a business or website online, is deciding how exactly to go about monetizing (generating revenue from) your work. Some of the most popular methods include 3rd party advertising networks such as Google Adsense or content advertising networks like Outbrain. With Immerss, NO AD’S will be shown during your sessions, instead you have the ability to set the pricing options for each of the 3 delivery methods mentioned in the section above. If you would like to offer a free session, simply check the box under “Promotional Offers” when setting up a session.

live video platform streaming



women that soar sizzle 2015

Women That Soar Presents: The WTS Sizzler 2015

Women That Soar Sizzler 2015

“Celebrating Women In Media & Business”


We’re excited to announce Women That Soar  will be hosting part two of its “Women In Media” event on On November 12, 2015 from 11:30 to 1:30pm. The event will take place in Dallas at Chocolate Secrets located at 3926 Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas 75219.

If you can’t make it in person, not to worry! We will be Live Streaming the whole event on Immerss! Tickets for the Live Stream can be found here.

About the Event:

The luncheon will feature powerful women leaders in media such as, Katy Murphy Davis, former Sr. Producer of Oprah Winfrey Show and creator of Oprah’s Angel Network along with Angela Molloy, VP of Development for WEtv, and Dana Suyygah, Executive Editor at Al Arab News Channel. The three women will share their stories and journey of building a career in media, as well as, provide advice on how to establish a career in media/entertainment; build a solid brand/media platform; content; licensing and creating events with a purpose.

Sign Up For The Live Stream Here


Featured Guests:


Katy Murphy Davis –

Katy Murphy Davis

Emmy® Award winning Producer Katy Davis is a television executive with twenty years of experience creating and producing “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, the most successful show in the history of daytime television.

Driven, energetic and innovative, Davis is a creative force with a proven track record of success in crafting high profile, groundbreaking shows and initiatives that touch and inspire millions on a national and global scale.


Angela Molloy –

Angela Malloy - Women That Soar

Angela Molloy is a well-rounded creative executive with experience that encompasses development, production and acquisitions from both the sales and buying side, having worked at both cable networks and major production companies.


Dana Suyygah –

Dana Suyygah

Dana Suyyagh is a broadcast media and communication professional with 20 years of progressive experience in journalism and media in the Middle East. She is the first Arab woman to run a 24-hour, regional news operation.

Over the past few years, Dana has been assembling and leading teams of professionals in media and broadcasting through her management of newsrooms in Cyprus, Bahrain and Amman. She is currently the news operation at Alarab News Channel, launching out of Limassol, where she is responsible for setting the grid, development of all content, hiring, training and managing news staff and reporters.

Sign Up For The Live Stream Here

Fashioned For Freedom 2015 - Charity Runway Show for My Refugee House

Fashioned For Freedom 2015 Live Stream From Dallas

Help make the world a happier place this November 5th! Tune into the Fashioned For Freedom Fashion show Live for an unforgettable experience and join the excitement about supporting My Refuge House as we empower and restore those who have suffered from human trafficking.

Fashioned For Freedom 2015 is taking their 2nd annual fashion show to new heights with a fabulous location, fashion with a purpose, and more than double the expected attendees.

Live Stream begins @ 7pm CDT:

We’re excited to announce that we will be streaming Fashioned For Freedom 2015 Live online for FREE!

At this year’s show you will:

  • Attend the premiere showing of top fashions by outstanding ethical brands
  • Learn what human trafficking is and why it matters
  • Listen to inspiring stories of the girls at My Refuge House
  • Find out ways you can join the fight against human trafficking


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